Get picture HTML code Without link mediator

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Tip for Get Your HTML code Picture (special for Blogger)
All of blogger and netter was Upload their Picture to several link on internet to get the HTML code for that Picture. Some of that link, require to register to that upload program. Beside that link have a many requirement, and we can’t resize the picture which is uploaded to that link. How terrible!!!!!
But don’t worry about that, because I have an idea to upload that picture to blog without uploading your picture to some link on internet. This is the tip for get the HTML code of your picture :

Step 1 : log in to your Blog first
Step 2 : if you already log in to your blog, you just need to click posting tab, and then
Step 3 : in the Posting tab, you can upload your picture to the posting tab. In the posting tab, there is HTML tab beside the Write tab.
Step 4 : when your picture has been uploaded, you can see your HTML code of your Picture by click the HTML tab on posting tab. You can see on src=”, or

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