Your Start Up Windows was Vanish? Solute By this trick

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If You’re Start Up vanish from your desktop, what will you do? You turn off your PC ( press the power button ) or restart your system? Do you think that could be help you to find the solution? I guess not, not to turn off, not to restart, but you can repair your system by using Task Manager. How?? If you don’t know about this. Please check it on this article,
Ok, the first, you must using Task Manager when you arrive on your desktop. And, if your start up is not show, you can wait until a few second. If more than a minute, your start up still vanish. You must using Task Manager by press CTRL+ALT+DEL. See the picture below :

If that picture is already show on your desktop. You should go to processes tab
( beside the application tab ). And see this picture below again :

Below avgnt.exe, there is the explorer exe that can make your start up vanish. If the explorer.exe is vanishing, that means the explorer.exe was executed and can’t work properly. Therefore, you must click file------>new task ( run )--------->and type explorer.exe on run. If you don’t understand, you may see this picture below :

Yup, that's all of my article. hope you can solute your problem by this article. for donation you can download this file with pdf form on this link . Your donation is very important for me,

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