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If you create a web or a web log ( blog ), your web isn’listed on any Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other. SEO is the way to listing your web to any search Engine. If you listing your web to search engine like Google. That can make your web, will visit by many visitors in one day. And automatically your pagerank will increased. But if you want it, this is the SEO tips :

1. Configure your HTML, on the HTML. There is the Meta Tag, that useful to make your web popular. You just only type your web keyword on that meta tag. This is the description of meta tag :
meta content="News and Education" name="description"
meta content="Byan Information" name="keywords"
meta content="INDEX, FOLLOW" name="ROBOTS"
Write your web keyword by change ‘Byan Information’
Write your theme of your web by change ‘News and Education’
2. You must use many backlink, that use for make your web popular too. Because, one backlink, that certainly contain your web. You can register to other link. For more example :
3. Register your web or blog to feedburner to get your link feed.
4. You can advertise your web to your friend’s on Facebook, Friendster, My5page, Myspace, and other.
5. Posting some log, that can interest many visitors.
6. Blogwalking, and greet the other web. And, build the cooperation between you and the other netter.
Use that tips, that can increase your pagerank and will pull many visitor to your web. And I can guaranteed you have more than 30 visitors in one day.

National Children’s Day

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Every year, many children in Indonesia celebrate their day. That’s it! The National Children’s Day which is happen on 23th July. As the children of this Nation, we must bring all our ability for make our Nation go on. The Children who’s can make our Nation will changed, and also The Children that who’s hold on this Nation legacy. We must to be proud as the Children because we can repair all of our Parent’s fault on Future.

But, in this special day. There’s many children still sad and fell sorrow. There’s many children doesn’t have any parents, there’s many children who’s life in destitution. and also, many children in this Nation doesn’t have home.

The Children National Day’s must be celebrate by all children with happily and there is no sadness or sorrow. Be a Clever Children, Don’t be Pathetic Children. Because we are the Indonesian.


Download Accelerator

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If you are true Netter. You must know about this. If you don’t know, you can continue to read this.Download Accelerator Facilities is the program which is can accelerate your download speed for any downloaded files. In this forum, I’d like to tell you about 3 Accelerator that used by many userinternet. The Function of download Accelerator is to resume the broken link, prevent the lose file download, and boost your download speed.

The first Accelerator is DAP ( Download Accelerator Plus )This Accelerator have many cooperation like Advance System Care, and Ziddu ( Free File Hosting ). DAP was the excellent Accelerator because with DAP you can boost your download speed on your PC more than 100%. Also, DAP have great security system. Like antivirus, DAP can scan all file that being downloaded. So that, with DAP you feel safety when you download some file. DAP also have Speedbit Video Accelerator program which is can make easy to watch video live from internet. Do you want more about DAP? You can Visit this LINK.

The second Accelerator is FDM ( Free Download Manager )
The Accelerator which never lose with other Accelerator. FDM can increase your download speed by more than 600%. And you can resume your downloaded file without restart that. If you want to pause that download process and resume that process later, you can do that! FDM also let you to download file using BitTorrent Protocol. FDM have a cooperation with Rapidshare, that the free file hosting which is usually use BitTorrent Protocol. In FDM, you can share files to other with e-mail by Microsoft outlook. You can comment the FDM process if you connect with internet. All information about FDM you can find at this LINK.

The third Accelerator is IDM ( Internet Download Manager )
IDM can boost your download speed by 5 times from your normally speed. Same with other Accelerator, IDM can resume your downloaded file ( if when you download file that link was error ). You can see more about IDM at this link.
All Accelerator program that have same ability, but if you use Accelerator program. You must use that program if you connect internet alone or there’s few people connect internet. Because, download accelerator can annoy other user to connect Internet.


Play With Task Manager

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In all PC, there’s the program which is manage all program and view all the process and status of our PC. Yes, that program called Task Manager. You can open that executable program with press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Del. Or run that program by open Local Disk C, and go to folder Window. There’s icon which have name “Taskman.exe”. you can click that executable file.
Do you know what the function of Task Manager??
Task Manager have 5 tabs, first tab is Applications. In applications tab, Task Manager useable for view that the application which is being used in our PC. Like this :

And then, the second tab is Processes. That tab view our PC processes, that view our memory used. All system program that cut our memory can viewed by this tab. Like this :

Now, I want to tell you more about this processes. You can see the picture above, there’s explorer exe, svchost exe, and more executable files. For play with Task Manager and make your friend PC have an error. You can End Process all that Process (Note : if you can add that executable again ). For more example :
You find your friend PC, and if you want to annoy your friend PC. You just click Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Task Manager. And then, go to processes Tab. At last, you just only click explorer exe and End Process that executable file.
After that, see your friend PC. Certainly, menu at desktop is vanished and your friend can’t to explorer his/her PC’s anymore.
To return task manager to normally condition. You must add explorer exe by click file at menu bar( task manager ). Then, click new to run new executable files,

then type explorer.exe, then run that files. Your friend PC return to normal condition.
You can play with Task Manager if you understand all of that program. Ok, until this word. Do you have any question?
More and More about Computer program ( Coming soon )-----------> Next Article

MU canceled their Trip to Indonesia

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Manchester United have a plan to organizing the new event. That event is MU Asia Tour 2009. On 20th July 2009, MU team will be have match with Indonesia all stars. From one month ago, that news was sent in Indonesia. And, the ticket had been sold to all of people in Indonesia. Many institute was supported this program.
But, the terror bomb was happen on Capital of Indonesia ( Jakarta ), on 16th July 2009. Maybe, at 07.00-07.30 Am. The bomb was explode in Ritz Carlton Hotel and JW Marriot Hotel.
That hotel were the International Hotel which will be MU’s Hotel. And, one day’s after that tragedy. MU hear this news, and also cancel they flight to Indonesia. Because Syndicate of Terrorism still stay near that Hotel or still stay in Jakarta. Sir Alex Ferguson advice for all member of Manchester United to cancel that trip to Indonesia.
Whereas in Indonesia that already advertise that MU’s trip, even selling the ticket a long time before they have match.
At last, MU say they will cancel that trip to Indonesia because they can’t feel safe if they have match in Indonesia.


The Summary of Free File Hosting

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Free file Hosting is the mediator between the netter ( or internet user ) with other netter. Especially for share the file. Many free file hosting was built in internet, but few of netter don’t understand about the free file hosting and what kind of that program. In this post, I’ll tell about the free file hosting. Start From :1. Ziddu Free File Hosting Ziddu is one of many popular free file hosting on internet. “Upload, Share, and Earn”, that’s the motto of Ziddu. Same of that motto, Ziddu can make the Netter Earn some money if the Netter was log in Ziddu, create account, Upload the file, and many user in internet was download the Netter file’s. From 1 his file that make 0.001$. but downloader not hit by that price. The other user, can download The Netter file’s for free. So, Ziddu Motto is True, Upload=The Netter uploading file to Ziddu, Share=the other User Download the Netter’s file, and Earn=The Netter get some money for the downloaded file.

The money was transferred to Paypal ( if Netter has Paypal account ). So, if you want to get some money from internet, just registry to Ziddu in blablablablabla (link ). And upload the very important file’s that can interest many user to download it. And, don’t forget to create Paypal account.
2.4Shared Free File Hosting
Different from Ziddu, if you upload your file to 4Shared. You can’t get money from your uploaded file’s. And, if you download file’s from this hosting, you must buy the premium account for maximum speed of download. But, this hosting have unlimited supplies. Because that, you can upload much file’s to your account in 4Shared. Also, if you want to boost the download speed ( bandwith ) you can download DAP ( download accelerator plus ). DAP is speed booster, you can call it IDM ( Internet Download Manager ).
All of type of file’s was filled in this free file hosting. Game, software, video, Picture, and also Music, you can find on this Hosting. This hosting is free and able to download some file. But, the file download was limited. The file download size must 200 Mb for 1 day for free account. And, you must wait until download timer was over. This Hosting has Unlimited supplies. If you buy the premium account of this Hosting. Server was opened to you to boost your download speed significantly.
4.Media Fire
You can use media fire easier than other Hosting. Because, in mediafire you can upload your file without log in or register to that Hosting. And, the download speed was same at free or premium. But, in mediafire you can’t get $$$( money ), from other user. You can quickly to download in this Hosting or download to this Hosting. This Hosting has limited supplies for file uploaded. You can download and upload quickly from this link.
I think that’s all about the summary about the free file hosting. And, you can try all of that hosting to become yours. To many free file hosting was built in internet, but I just tell 4 hosting between many hosting.

Get picture HTML code Without link mediator

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Tip for Get Your HTML code Picture (special for Blogger)
All of blogger and netter was Upload their Picture to several link on internet to get the HTML code for that Picture. Some of that link, require to register to that upload program. Beside that link have a many requirement, and we can’t resize the picture which is uploaded to that link. How terrible!!!!!
But don’t worry about that, because I have an idea to upload that picture to blog without uploading your picture to some link on internet. This is the tip for get the HTML code of your picture :

Step 1 : log in to your Blog first
Step 2 : if you already log in to your blog, you just need to click posting tab, and then
Step 3 : in the Posting tab, you can upload your picture to the posting tab. In the posting tab, there is HTML tab beside the Write tab.
Step 4 : when your picture has been uploaded, you can see your HTML code of your Picture by click the HTML tab on posting tab. You can see on src=”, or