The Summary of Free File Hosting

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Free file Hosting is the mediator between the netter ( or internet user ) with other netter. Especially for share the file. Many free file hosting was built in internet, but few of netter don’t understand about the free file hosting and what kind of that program. In this post, I’ll tell about the free file hosting. Start From :1. Ziddu Free File Hosting Ziddu is one of many popular free file hosting on internet. “Upload, Share, and Earn”, that’s the motto of Ziddu. Same of that motto, Ziddu can make the Netter Earn some money if the Netter was log in Ziddu, create account, Upload the file, and many user in internet was download the Netter file’s. From 1 his file that make 0.001$. but downloader not hit by that price. The other user, can download The Netter file’s for free. So, Ziddu Motto is True, Upload=The Netter uploading file to Ziddu, Share=the other User Download the Netter’s file, and Earn=The Netter get some money for the downloaded file.

The money was transferred to Paypal ( if Netter has Paypal account ). So, if you want to get some money from internet, just registry to Ziddu in blablablablabla (link ). And upload the very important file’s that can interest many user to download it. And, don’t forget to create Paypal account.
2.4Shared Free File Hosting
Different from Ziddu, if you upload your file to 4Shared. You can’t get money from your uploaded file’s. And, if you download file’s from this hosting, you must buy the premium account for maximum speed of download. But, this hosting have unlimited supplies. Because that, you can upload much file’s to your account in 4Shared. Also, if you want to boost the download speed ( bandwith ) you can download DAP ( download accelerator plus ). DAP is speed booster, you can call it IDM ( Internet Download Manager ).
All of type of file’s was filled in this free file hosting. Game, software, video, Picture, and also Music, you can find on this Hosting. This hosting is free and able to download some file. But, the file download was limited. The file download size must 200 Mb for 1 day for free account. And, you must wait until download timer was over. This Hosting has Unlimited supplies. If you buy the premium account of this Hosting. Server was opened to you to boost your download speed significantly.
4.Media Fire
You can use media fire easier than other Hosting. Because, in mediafire you can upload your file without log in or register to that Hosting. And, the download speed was same at free or premium. But, in mediafire you can’t get $$$( money ), from other user. You can quickly to download in this Hosting or download to this Hosting. This Hosting has limited supplies for file uploaded. You can download and upload quickly from this link.
I think that’s all about the summary about the free file hosting. And, you can try all of that hosting to become yours. To many free file hosting was built in internet, but I just tell 4 hosting between many hosting.

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