National Children’s Day

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Every year, many children in Indonesia celebrate their day. That’s it! The National Children’s Day which is happen on 23th July. As the children of this Nation, we must bring all our ability for make our Nation go on. The Children who’s can make our Nation will changed, and also The Children that who’s hold on this Nation legacy. We must to be proud as the Children because we can repair all of our Parent’s fault on Future.

But, in this special day. There’s many children still sad and fell sorrow. There’s many children doesn’t have any parents, there’s many children who’s life in destitution. and also, many children in this Nation doesn’t have home.

The Children National Day’s must be celebrate by all children with happily and there is no sadness or sorrow. Be a Clever Children, Don’t be Pathetic Children. Because we are the Indonesian.

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