MU canceled their Trip to Indonesia

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Manchester United have a plan to organizing the new event. That event is MU Asia Tour 2009. On 20th July 2009, MU team will be have match with Indonesia all stars. From one month ago, that news was sent in Indonesia. And, the ticket had been sold to all of people in Indonesia. Many institute was supported this program.
But, the terror bomb was happen on Capital of Indonesia ( Jakarta ), on 16th July 2009. Maybe, at 07.00-07.30 Am. The bomb was explode in Ritz Carlton Hotel and JW Marriot Hotel.
That hotel were the International Hotel which will be MU’s Hotel. And, one day’s after that tragedy. MU hear this news, and also cancel they flight to Indonesia. Because Syndicate of Terrorism still stay near that Hotel or still stay in Jakarta. Sir Alex Ferguson advice for all member of Manchester United to cancel that trip to Indonesia.
Whereas in Indonesia that already advertise that MU’s trip, even selling the ticket a long time before they have match.
At last, MU say they will cancel that trip to Indonesia because they can’t feel safe if they have match in Indonesia.

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  1. yeah, long time ago when this club will join to our country
    that happent, terror bom and cancel to trip here.

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