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If you are true Netter. You must know about this. If you don’t know, you can continue to read this.Download Accelerator Facilities is the program which is can accelerate your download speed for any downloaded files. In this forum, I’d like to tell you about 3 Accelerator that used by many userinternet. The Function of download Accelerator is to resume the broken link, prevent the lose file download, and boost your download speed.

The first Accelerator is DAP ( Download Accelerator Plus )This Accelerator have many cooperation like Advance System Care, and Ziddu ( Free File Hosting ). DAP was the excellent Accelerator because with DAP you can boost your download speed on your PC more than 100%. Also, DAP have great security system. Like antivirus, DAP can scan all file that being downloaded. So that, with DAP you feel safety when you download some file. DAP also have Speedbit Video Accelerator program which is can make easy to watch video live from internet. Do you want more about DAP? You can Visit this LINK.

The second Accelerator is FDM ( Free Download Manager )
The Accelerator which never lose with other Accelerator. FDM can increase your download speed by more than 600%. And you can resume your downloaded file without restart that. If you want to pause that download process and resume that process later, you can do that! FDM also let you to download file using BitTorrent Protocol. FDM have a cooperation with Rapidshare, that the free file hosting which is usually use BitTorrent Protocol. In FDM, you can share files to other with e-mail by Microsoft outlook. You can comment the FDM process if you connect with internet. All information about FDM you can find at this LINK.

The third Accelerator is IDM ( Internet Download Manager )
IDM can boost your download speed by 5 times from your normally speed. Same with other Accelerator, IDM can resume your downloaded file ( if when you download file that link was error ). You can see more about IDM at this link.
All Accelerator program that have same ability, but if you use Accelerator program. You must use that program if you connect internet alone or there’s few people connect internet. Because, download accelerator can annoy other user to connect Internet.

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